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Veronique is a miracle worker! We love our dog Curry but being a rescue she of course had her issues. She would not stop barking at other dogs while she was on leash and a group training class used to be out of the question. With the help of Veronique I truly believe Curry is the well behaved pup she knew she could be, no more barking on leash! Not only that but she built so much trust between me and my dog.
Tyler C. 9/8/18

We took Veronique's class and HIGHLY recommend it. She is very gentle and patient and her techniques are very effective. We had rescued a dog and he was a stray with bad manners and no training. Within 5 weeks he was walking on a loose leash, he knew sit, stay, come and we were working on "leave it". It was all about positive reinforcement, which I really liked. Definitely check her out!
Mollie B.  6/7/18

Veronique is just awesome...let's start with that!!
I got a neo mastiff puppy from the fires in LA and wasn't aware he was severely traumatized due to the events so training was really touch n go not wanting to trigger any more issues and was seeking a professional to help me and assist me with walking since he was petrified of collars and leashes. 
Veronique came and from day one started to make a difference and now my puppies anxiety levels and fear of leashes and the collar are literally gone and we are able to walk our puppy and get to show off my 105pound 5 month baby around the parks 
Really happy with the service and gentle nature of training we've had being that we had trainers before for our other mastiffs. 
Highly recommend and will be using her for phase 2 to make him an indoor dog.

C. C - 4/5/18

We took our German Shepard to Veronique's Basic Training Class.  It was the perfect setting to work on some basic skills with our pup.  The class met only an hour a week at local park in Ventura.  Veronique has a very simple yet effective training plan to lay a great foundation.  Our dog is a much better listener even with ditractions.   The class size is small so you can get a lot of attention from Veronique.  The dogs in our class were of all levels and sizes.  I recommend you check her classes!
Danielle G.    8/9/17

My yappy little dog has calmed down remarkably after only one private lesson. My neighbors and I appreciate Veronique's expertise.
Elisabeth M.    07/10/17

I have nothing but positive things to say about Veronique and Six Paws Dog School. She came to help me out with my Luna, my 11 month old German Shepard. Luna had issues with barking at people when the doorbell would ring and would run to the door. In addition, Luna would go after bicyclists and runners. Veronique showed me how to control Luna with positive re-enforcement. After the second visit Luna would sit and stay when the door rang. She stopped going after bicyclists and runners and is good at loose leash walking. Veronique gave me great advice and tips to keep Luna improving. Would recommend Six Paws Dog School to anyone.
Andres G.     06/27/17

Veronique is GREAT to work with! She understood our situation and worked with us on an individual level and in a group setting. We have a mini-Aussie that has learned some invaluable lessons (or rather-- we learned how to communicate the lessons to her) from our time with Veronique. First, we enrolled in the basic training class and then after a few months followed up with individual training classes to hone in on a few final things. Veronique came to our house and really helped us learn how to communicate with our pup. She's given us the confidence to continue teaching her new things and the technique on how to do it in an effective manner. We would definitely recommend her services!
Hannah M. 12/18/16 

My dog Chloe is a different dog since training with sixpaws dog school, before she had seperation anxiety every time we left the house and that is now gone!! She has done great with basic commands as well. We couldn't be happier with the results and absolutely recommend Veronique.
Lynnette W. 10/27/16

Love Veronique! My Yorkies love her too. I have learned so much. One Yorkie thrives off of learning and the other likes to "challenge" but is coming around. I had potty training issues, barking issues, not getting them to obey, and anxiety issues. I have learned various techniques and they are learning! YES!!! They are learning. It is taking some time since they are not puppies but there is hope! I am so thankful to have found her!
-- Angel L. 5/11/16

  "I met with Veronique for our initial appointment and she is very patient and thorough. She is extremely knowledgeable Im excited to work with her in helping my Little Lucy (a 5 month old Chow/Boxer/Rottweiler mix) be a well balanced, well behaved, happy dog! :)"
-- Mayra P. - 5/3/16

We had the good fortune of having Veronique train our two Goldendoodle puppies!  I cannot believe how she turned them around from wild, non obedient babies to still wild (they are puppies) but mind us always!!  What a difference she made!!
-- Glenda Z. -  2/25/16

So far it's been amazing. I cannot wait to see how things progress. Highly recommend so far!!
-- Heather H. - 1/14/16

We had done "puppy classes" with our young German shepherd/Malinois mix "baby"...he knew sit, and some other basics but we had trouble controlling him when he was very excited.  He jumped on people including us and small kids.  Veronique gave us much more insight into "doggie thinking" and we have learned how to cue him and calm him down.  We really enjoyed our lessons and learned so much.  Thank you, Veronique!!  We will refer anyone who asks!
-- Sandra T.  -  12/5/15
 I was a little concerned when the guy on Dogs 101 said that if you don't train your chihuahua as a puppy you're probably in for an up hill battle.  But Veronique assured me all was not lost.
In one private session she taught me how to walk him properly and already the pulling is better, and the "bricking" (when he gets scared or interested in something and just stops and turns into a brick) has almost stopped. He also learned to sit in one lesson! There are some very simple techniques that I now know that will help Buddy and us have a much better relationship. Thank you Veronique!
-- Dia L.  - 10/28/15

I requested a dog trainer through thumbtack and within minutes , I received quotes. The dog trainer I have now has done a great job and is very professional in her work.
-- Tom N. - 10/22/15
 I'm the pet parent to a 9 month old Cane Corso, and she was a great dog before we started training at SixPaws Dog School, with the owner Veronique. Now she's an even better pup, which I didn't think was possible, but after only 4 sessions, Sofia has TRULY learned 3-4 new words (commands), and we use them on a daily basis! As a first time dog daddy, I found out that it was me that really needed more training than the dog, and Veronique tells it like it sugar coating. She's undergone extensive training with dogs in Europe, where a lot more places are dog friendly compared to the U.S., so this means that both new owners and trainers undergo very intense schooling before either party can own a dog, or be involved with the art of dog training. The education my dog received was initially a gift from family members that purchased 4 private lessons for Sofia and I. Veronique was not only able to cater to my busy schedule, but her "keep it simple, stupid" techniques, calm yet firm demeanor made training easy, and made a huge difference after just one lesson. A lot of it is common sense here people, but as dog owners we tend to forget certain things, or simply don't know them from the start. Veronique will handle all of that, and the results will be mind blowing! Your dog will thank you with plenty of "smiles", and a lot of wet kisses. Thank you Veronique! Sofia and I will see you next week.
-- Gamble V. - 10/3/15
My dog Nova took an immediate liking to Veronique's gentle ways. I found her to be knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate. She understands how dogs think and helped me read and respond to my dog's behavior. Working with her was a rewarding experience and I'd recommend her to anyone.
-- Julia F. 7/17/15 
 ​I learned that because Baylee has no tail, thick hair, and flop ears other dogs and people cannot read her. What I thought was agression was more excitement and frustration in wanting to meet the other dogs. On our 3rd outing with Veronique I was comfortable in taking her to the beach and she did great! Veronique is very calm and patient and explains why animals act certains ways.
-- Donna C. - Ventura, CA 6/23/15
 We have rescue dogs and we rarely leave them at the kennel. Veronique was so good with our dogs that I felt comfortable leaving them for a weekend with her. She is amazing with them and they immediately trusted her and liked her. She gave us tips and an insight to understanding our dogs and how they communicate. They were very simple but quite helpful training tips, including leash walking and how to get our little mean Precious off the sofa without trying to bite us. Our dogs love Veronique.
-- Teresa T. 02/2/15