Private Training

Dog Training with Private Lessons

private lesson
Veronique Pineau, UCS Certified Dog Trainer, will come to your home for an inital consultation and for the individual training sessions. The  number of sessions needed will depend on your goals, your priorities, and the assessment.  You can schedule training sessions to fit your busy lifestyle.

Method of training

Veronique uses only the gentle positive reward method which is proven to be the best way to obtain long term results. 
Your dog will enjoy learning new cues while receiving treats and praise to re-enforce good behavior. You will receive tips on how to interpret your dog's body language.

Assessment and Training Plan
The initial consultation includes a discovery session to identify your goals, an assessment of your dog’s temperament, an evaluation based on the day in the life of your dog, and a plan for training. Call for more information.
Training sessions - Rates and Packages

Initial Assessment     --  $110
​60 minute session     --  $95
3 sessions discount   --  $270

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Identify your dog's training needs 

Basic obedience and social manners
Basic skills include knowing Sit, Stay, Lie Down, Come, Leave-it, loose-leash walking.

Poor Manners
Jumping, barking, nipping, chewing, pulling

Behavior concerns 
​​Anxieties,  destruction, poor social skills