Group Classes​​

Dog Training in a Group Class Setting

group class
​​Classes are given in Ventura California, usually for five or six weeks in a fun and casual atmosphere.​​

Your dog will learn to pay attention to you even with distractions from the other dogs in the class.

You will be receiving tips on how your dog learns and how you can teach him new skills using the gentle positive method.

Group classes work well for dogs who are comfortable around other dogs and people.

Your dog will learn to be a well-behaved happy dog!

Well-behaved Happy Dogs!

Class Schedule

Basic Obedience and Social Manners  
Basic skills include: Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Leave-it, Loose Leash walking - for beginners

Basic Obedience and Social Manners - Level 2
Basic skills and beyond - intermediate level

For  Beginners

04/13/19 - 05/11/19        Saturday     9:30-10:30 am

06/01/19 - 06/29/19        Saturday     9:30-10:30 am

Intermediate Level



Five weeks: $135


The class includes five weekly sessions in a beautiful setting at the Juanamaria Park in Ventura.


Your dog should be fully vaccinated and get along with other dogs.

Dogs say hello before class

Learning to Leave-it

Graduation Day
​​"We took our German Shepard to Veronique's Basic Training Class.  It was the perfect setting to work on some basic skills with our pup.  The class met only an hour a week at local park in Ventura.  Veronique has a very simple yet effective training plan to lay a great foundation.  Our dog is a much better listener even with ditractions.   The class size is small so you can get a lot of attention from Veronique.  The dogs in our class were of all levels and sizes.  I recommend you check her classes!"

-- Danielle G.

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