I train you and your dog together as a team for a well-behaved happy dog !

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​​Veronique is a UCS Certified Dog Trainer. She offers dog  training  classes in Ventura for obedience, and private lessons in your home to help with your dog's behavior issues.  Her mission is to give you a well-behaved happy dog.

​She uses the gentle positive reward method based on the teachings of renowned Veterinarian and Animal Behaviorist Dr Joel Dehasse, with a focus on the human/dog relationship. 

Let me show you that positive training is what works best for your dog.
There is a lot of conflicting information online and in books on how to train your dog and how to correct behavior problems. 
Every dog is different, the first step is to do an assessment. 
You've always had dogs, even dogs of the same breed, but your new dog is showing unusual and unexpected behaviors. I have experience working with all breeds large and small, and with all types of behaviors. 

Trusting your newly adopted dog, I can help.
You just adopted a dog and you know nothing about his past life. You want him to feel comfortable in his new environment and you want to make sure that you can trust him when you leave him alone or around children.

Veronique Pineau, founder of SixPaws Dog School
Contact me to discuss your goals
Obedience and Social Mannners
Basic skills include: responding to Sit, Stay, Come, Lie Down, Leave-it, heel, walking nicely on a loose leash
Behavior Modification
Resolve issues with barking, jumping, nipping, chewing, leash pulling, separation anxiety, resource guarding.
learn shake
Benefits of Group Classes
Dogs mimic and learn from one another
Dogs get to socialize with other dogs and people
Dogs learn to pay attention even with distractions
You can exchange stories with other dog owners
leash walking
Class Schedule
Learning fun things like shake
Walking on a loose leash and paying attention
Benefits of Private Lessons
Training is specifically adapted to your dog
Dogs learn faster with no distractions
Most behavior issues occur in the home
Train your dog on a schedule that works for you
Private Lessons
​Maybe she was just looking for something to do...
Hiding and showing anxiety

group class
private lesson
​Graduation Day after five weeks
​Personal attention with private lessons